SAFARI – Systemic Approaches For Aviation Research Initiative

Project Calls

SAFARI aims to foster enduring public-private partnerships capable of scaling capital to support scientific innovation and develop the durable goods necessary for the aviation sector to decarbonize. The initiative emerged from a recognition of the pressing need for industry sectors to adopt more open and unified approaches like SAFARI to accelerate the deployment of solutions.

SAFARI is pleased to announce a Request for Proposals (RFP), with member-driven and industry-led priority topic areas for technical and workforce development proposals. We invite you to register to submit innovative concepts.

Priority Needs for Future Aviation Fuels

The following priority needs are expected to persist into or emerge after 2030.

  1. Greater volumes of suitable inputs. The use of a range of carbon, hydrogen, and energy sources. Suitability relates to impact as evaluated by GHG accounting and more generally by lifecycle assessment.
  2. Enhanced scalability of infrastructure and “ecosystem”. The siting of new facilities, including retrofitting or anchoring as well as construction of greenfield facilities. This further pertains to logistical aspects of transportation and aggregation of feedstocks and intermediates.

Technology Focus Areas

Projects of interest address key enabling technologies in the following areas


A research program is being targeted on an order of magnitude of $50,000,000 in total project costs over a five-year period and pending availability of matching funds from public and private sources. This corresponds to three cohorts of approximately 15 projects with up to a three-year duration.

Project Call Process

Grants are competitively awarded for innovative research, development and commercialization of suitable ideas. Applicants are required to become consortium members upon being awarded a grant, not before. Detailed membership information will be accessible on the website by April 2024 at the latest.