SAFARI – Systemic Approaches For Aviation Research Initiative


Reach out to learn more about becoming a member of the consortium.

Why Join?

  • Collaborate with fellow Members that have complementary capabilities and expertise
  • Participate in SAFARI-led programs and technical innovation projects
  • Receive Intellectual Property (IP) benefits

Membership options

Membership options will be publicly accessible in April 2024. Organizations may express their interest before this date and may be invited to participate in discussions on consortium design. Contact us at JOIN SAFARI.

SAFARI’s tiered membership structures are designed to foster industry-led public private partnership, ranging from major private sector corporations to nonprofit research entities. Annual membership dues will vary, starting from $400,000 for the largest organizations with comprehensive privileges, to as low as $1,000 of in-kind effort for select non-profit organizations. All grantees must become SAFARI members to qualify for funding disbursement.