SAFARI – Systemic Approaches For Aviation Research Initiative

Systemic Approaches For Aviation Research Initiative (SAFARI)

The aviation sector requires unprecedented collaboration to address the climate action gap. Let’s spark collective action.

Founding Members

SAFARI is led by the Aviation Climate Task Force, a global group of industry leaders committed to decarbonizing the aviation sector.

Who we Are: An Industry-Led R&D Consortium

SAFARI is an industry-led R&D initiative that seeks to accelerate innovations that have the prospect for billion-gallon scale decarbonization. Our work addresses the gap between publicly funded research and new commercialized technology – well known as the technological death valley. Our approach is based on the principle of Innovation Networks, which strive to increase skill sharing among otherwise disparate communities.


We are dedicated to accelerating the learning rate of participant innovators and organizations that support precommercial research and development. Our mission is to widen the pipeline of prospective technologies that could enable billion-gallon scale production of carbon-neutral aviation fuels

SAFARI’s inaugural project call, RFP 1.1, welcomes concept submissions from innovative teams and organizations. It runs from February through September as noted:


We gratefully acknowledge the valuable contributions from other organizations towards the successful launch of SAFARI, particularly the member organizations of the Aviation Climate Taskforce.